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In The News

Dr. Ruff and the Contour Lift were featured on MSNBC’s Health Watch. Click the image above to view the footage. The video requires Macromedia Flash player (free download).

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Dr. Ruff and the Contour Lift were featured on ABC 11 News. Click the image above to view the footage. The video requires Macromedia Flash player (free download).

Dr. Ruff and the Contour Lift were featured on WRAL News. Click the image above to view the footage. Click on the image above to download the footage.

Give your face a lift without surgery or downtime.

Wouldn’t it be great to lift the skin on your face without scars, a long recovery period and a big bill? The Contour Lift can do all that, and as the inventor of the Contour Thread, plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Ruff has unparalleled expertise. In this capacity, Dr. Ruff continues to perfect the Contour Lift and has trained physicians across the country and around the world in this procedure.

To lose years in moments, give yourself every advantage.

This minimally invasive procedure provides many of the benefits of a facelift — it can elevate brows, cheeks and mid-face area and soften the appearance of jowls. Yet it is done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort in about an hour. Immediately after the procedure, you can walk or drive home. Recovery time is a few days, not a few weeks. And with no surgery, there is less pain, fewer complications and no visible scars left behind.

Cutting edge technology without cutting surgically.

Contour lifts are done using the Contour Thread, a barbed suture material that Dr. Ruff invented in the early 1990s. The skin isn’t cut and stitched back together like an ordinary facelift. Instead, this patented, proprietary surgical thread holds tight to facial tissue under the skin with tiny barbs; it’s like a drawstring used to pull tired skin taut and hold it there. Illustrations are provided to give you an idea of how it works; actual before and after photos are available for viewing on-site at Dr. Ruff’s office.

Immediate results at half the cost of a traditional facelift.

Lower cost is another advantage of the Contour Lift procedure. While a full facelift can cost up to $13,000, the average cost of a Contour Lift of the face and neck is approximately $5,900.

If you feel that you could benefit from a Contour Lift, please contact our office to set up a personal consultation. You’ll find that there’s no one in the world more knowledgeable or skilled in this procedure than Dr. Ruff.

Dr Ruff, Inventor of the Contour Thread

How was the Contour Thread invented? Over a decade ago, Dr. Greg Ruff had a patient who had scraped her right cheek to the bone in an auto accident. The resulting scar pulled her lower eyelid down, and he needed to lift her cheek when he tightened her eyelid surgically.

As a zoology student at the University of Michigan, Greg Ruff had been intrigued by the porcupine, with its barbed quill designed to grasp tissue and hold on to it. In his quest for an answer, Dr. Ruff decided to emulate the porcupine’s quill by barbing sutures to make them do the same thing.

After creating a prototype out of Weed Whacker cord and testing it on a piece of steak at 3 am one night, Dr. Ruff created a version using surgical thread. He used this to create a sling to elevate the patient’s facial tissue, which relieved the pressure on her eyelid for the duration of her healing period.

This is how the idea for the Contour Thread was born. And today, the inspiration that helped a disfigured woman heal can help you turn back time – to look younger, fresher and fully rejuvenated in one simple, convenient procedure.

Dr. Ruff’s Patent

Dr. Ruff patented his idea for the barbed suture, now called the Contour Thread, in 1994. In 1999, he joined with veterans of the biotechnology industry to form Quill Medical. His associates there optimized the barbed suture design, use and manufacture. As a result, they were granted numerous additional patents pertaining to its use. In 2004, Contour Threads became the first barbed suture materials to be granted FDA approval.

In addition to brow lifts, cheek lifts and neck tucks, Dr. Ruff believes the barbed suture technology of the Contour Thread will find a place in all types of surgical procedures, particularly to fuse deeper tissues. Other medical professionals, like Dr. Michael Paglia, a fellow at Duke University who tested the product in closing C-section incisions, agree.